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Car Teflon Coating

PVC Cut Mat

They are made of PVC material and are covered with high-quality fibres. The PVC cut mat are hard structured, anti-slip and have strong adhesive properties. Moreover, the PVC cut mat are easy-to-wash and come as a four-piece set. Colors availabele : Grey, Beige, Black & Transparent & Smoke.


PVC Car Full Mat

Sun Combine provides high-quality PVC car full mat. They are made from 100% PVC material. They have odourless, anti-slip and strong adhesive car mats. Customised PVC car full mat based on your interior ambience of your car. They can cover the entire floor of the car & can be cut to anysize of shape. Colors availabele : Grey, Beige, Black, Transparent.

Elegant Carpet Mat

images/arrow-icon.png 100% Polyproplene Carpet

images/arrow-icon.png Water Proof EVA Sheet

images/arrow-icon.png High Density Foam for Soft

images/arrow-icon.png Cushioning to the Feet and Anti-Skid. Colors availabele : Grey, Beige, Black. Available in 4pc set.