• Car Painting Dent Removal

    5Knetwork provides your car with quality paints those are ordered with the endowment dealers for several years. We always trust our dealers for their best service in delivering the quality paint products. We are afforded with advanced painting accessories for adequately small scratches; repaint also is done with the perfect color matching. We are also equipped with tinkering works with highly accomplished and skillful professionals. We have also become outstanding service provider for Car Painting and Tinkering works. Our services are available in an efficient way, by using quality paints which produces the body with smooth and lustrous finish.

    Car Painting and Dent Removal Services in coimbatore
  • Car Alterations/Modifications

    5k Network is unique in providing the following Alteration and Modification Services as per customer needs.
    If you're looking to upgrade your car to present a more personalized sleek exterior, we can install all types of body kits to suit your requirements.

    • Spoilers
    • Bumper and Running Board Skirts.
    • Radiator and Bottom Mesh
    • Bumpers.

  • Customised painting

    • Full Body Painting
    • Color Restoration can be done with same or color change including Solid, Metallic or Pearl White.

    • Alloy Wheel Painting
    • Interior Painting
    • Dashboard Painting
    • Roof Coloring.
    • Tail Lamp Smoking
    • Headlight Color Change
    • Wheel Caliber Painting
  • Car Teflon Coating

    Teflon coating protects the car's painted finish and offers a brilliant shine, keeping the vehicle like new for a long time.
    Paint protection retains the new look of the car by providing a polymeric protective film coating,above the vehicle's paint work, on the clear coat, which protects against regular automatic car wash scratches, fading of paint, bird droppings, UV rays, acid rain, retaining the gloss and shine.
    100% Genuine PTFE (Poly Tetra Fluro Ethylene) base coats are available.

  • Sun Control Films

    In order to protect our customer’s from sun, we yield with the Sun Control Films, which totally dims the sunlight entering through the windshield of the car, which comforts you from intensive heat. There are considerable amount of Sun Control Films with unique patterns such as Folding, Roll-Ups or according to your style, you can pick up your best with us. 5KNetwork’s Sun Control Film, maintains the car temperature internally and protects the intimate surface from the sun damaging by neglecting the windshield insecurity.

  • Seat Covers Floor Matts

    The seat covers are the one that provides the elegant interior look and comfort travel for the car. We are intended with the original and branded seat covers that brings you the best quality. 5KNetwork is offered with an infinite pattern, colors and are custom-made which fits the car perfectly. We also offer several colors of floor matt such as carpet matt and rubber matt for protecting the interior and easy cleaning, where our customer’s often choose the white and black which is always trendy and classy. Our Seat Covers & Floor Matt adds an additional new look with the splash of new color for the interior look.

  • Car Body Wash

    5KNetwork is expert in car washing and servicing, which has performed with adequate number of cars and there are plenty of customers, who rush up to our store for Car Body Wash. Our Car Body Wash includes the services such as Full Window Clean, Under Body Wash, Wheel Bright and Outside Towel Dried. We use literally a unique mechanism such as spray extraction machines, high pressured cleaning machines and steamed cleaners for the Car Body Wash Concept. Come and experience with our service for the best Car Body Wash.

  • Interior Enrichment

    Hi-tech Fruit Base Cleaning System with lacto calamine dressing is available to enhance the interiors of your car.
    We clean the Carpets, Upholstery, Dash Board, Plastic & Rubber surfaces with full vacuuming that gives hygienic and long lasting naturally enriched appearance
    We also offer Foam Based Interior Cleaning Services that gives fresh new appearance to the interiors.

  • Windshield Glass Scratch Removing

    Are you worried of your Windshield or the car windows been scratched, lost the originality? Come experience with us to make it reality. Suppose if your windscreen or the alternative car window is been scratched, cracked or even chipped or crumbled, we can rehabilitate the glass to its authentic condition by removing the windshield glass scratch. We are automated with new device for removing windshield glass scratch which is even quicker and cheaper. We offer unique pattern of Glass Scratch Remover for the windshields with the 100% guaranteed.

  • Car Scratch Removal

    Suppose if your Car paint has been scratched, splintered or crackling, then it is the time for correcting the paint and then the Car Polishing is coated in order to produce the shine look of the car. 5KNetwork is offered with the both the hand applying products as well as an electronic polisher which is easier and quicker to polish. Since we receive several numbers of customers for their Car Polishing, we leave it to the customer’s choice whether they are in need of manual or automated polishers and get it done quickly. Our customer’s feedback is that we offer Car Polishing for an affordable price, faster and quality such that the polish lasts for a long period.

  • Alloy Wheel Painting

    5KNetwork is specialized in proving the Alloy Wheel Painting which would modernize the wheels to look like the new conditional feel. We use adherence technology for the clear coating and utilizing the paint for a modern look. Our paint products are off high quality and we color match the paints for the both devoted and foreign cars which are 100% guaranteed. In Alloy Wheel Painting we are differentiated from our competitors in such a way that,

    • 1. Our touch up would not be temporary, it’s a total renovate.
    • 2. Customization of wide range of paint colors available.
    • 3. More than 12 months guaranteed for modernize finish.
    • 4. New specialized Alloys Wheels are available.
    • 5. Extensive ranges of Alloy Finishes are available.

  • Car Facilities

    Apart from these services, 5KNetwork also offers plenty of car facilities like Interior Car Care & Exterior Car Care. In general the interior and exterior cares are done through cleaning, dressing and protecting as well. When completion of these car facilities only, then the appearance of the car would present a perfect finishing and fascinating look. We also contribute the tools and products in order to help you achieve and maintain your dream car. Our products would protect your Peeling, Cracking, Stains, Leathers, and Cloaks from fading, etc.

  • Color Matching

    5KNetwork is served with several applications for Color Matching, where the customers can create their own colors for good looking on their own taste. We are also equipped with paint mixing lab for color matching that makes us to choose the perfect color match, which is beautiful, admirable and inspiring color matches. As you know nowadays the color of the car brings the grand look for the car and people are so much confused of the color, for such critical bearings, we give the best option for our customer’s in choosing the colors of their own taste.